Megan + Brad

Ladies and gentleman, we are overjoyed to release our next video: out FIRST EVER Extended Feature! We've been promising this one for a while, and could not be more delighted to show you the final video. 

Megan + Brad were a wonderful couple to film and had an absolutely dazzling wedding. They met in high school and have known each other for the majority of their lives, and you can see it in their level of comfort with one another and even more so in the support of their friends. It's so much fun for us to shoot a story that so many people have a role in, both at the wedding and in the stories we get to hear about the couple. You could see the sparks flying when they looked at one another, and it doesn't hurt that Megan is beyond beautiful, and Brad is just as handsome. Indianapolis happened to be beautiful that day, too, just to add to the awesomeness.

So 30 minutes of video... This was a first for us. We've done chronological full-day edits before (we call them Documentaries), but this is different. This is more like a movie! The 14 year saga of a guy going after his dream girl, and we got to capture it all. We hope you enjoy watching! It was a ton of fun to put together!!

Vendors: The Crane Bay, St. Mary's Catholic Church, Jeanne Milan, Willy Matis, Indianapolens, Gina Howald, 

Kristen + James

We're so excited to share our first wedding from 2017!! It couldn't be a better couple to start the year off with. Meet Kristen + James! Talk about a perfect match! And Kristen had the most AMAZING dress. We were totally astonished when we saw it. They had an absolutely beautiful wedding in January, with a reception at the Indiana Grand Casino! Winter weddings may seem like a drag, but this video will prove otherwise. I mean just LOOK at her little hood!! ADORABLE! They partied well into the night, and Kristen NEVER left the dance floor! We really love our couples, and these two have a sweet love that we're honored to share with all of you. 

Kristen was unbelievably flattering to us too, all day talking about how excited she was about her wedding and getting to see it on video later! Her kindness and enthusiasm stuck with us all through editing, and we really love the final product. We hope you do too! So please try not to cry while you watch Kristen + James's beautiful, freezing, winter wedding day!

Vendors: Sara Aakerman Photography, Dancin' DJs, Indiana Grand Casino, St. Mary's

Alyson + Andrew

Have you ever wondered what a New Years Wedding would be like? How about we show you??

Meet Alyson + Andrew! Their wedding was at The Ritz Carlton in Carmel, Indiana. They were tons of fun the entire day! Both of them are just bursting with personality, love to laugh and were down for anything. Plus, they decided to throw a pretty amazing NYE wedding bash! They totally embraced the day, with a confetti bar, tons of party hats, and more! We are beyond excited for everyone else to see this amazing day! We really get to show their personalities here, and also how wild and colorful a wedding can be. 

This is our last 2016 wedding video to share, so cheers to the beautiful couple! Onto to 2017! Enjoy!

Alexa + Seth

We are so in love with all of our recent videos and couldn't be happier to introduce you to Alexa + Seth! These two are just bursting with love, inside (and outside) beauty and kindness. From the way they each connect with their family and friends to their unlikely first dates, we guarantee that you will thoroughly enjoy getting to know the new Mr. + Mrs. Bossingham through this highlight video. 

We must also note that this group is not only fun-loving, but incredibly talented! Alexa wrote and recorded the song that her and her father danced to (absolutely breathtaking!) and several of their friends and family are musically and creatively talented. Every detail meant the world to them (Mike Mains Music performed at the ceremony!) and we are so incredibly honored to have been chosen to capture such a perfect wedding celebration. Cheers and thank you for inviting us to tell you beautiful story! <3

Kyle + Rachael

We have an absolutely incredible video to share with you all today. Kyle + Rachael are two of the sweetest people ever, and it's so fitting that they found each other and fell instantly in love. Their wedding day started out very peacefully, all eyes fully focused on the young couple in love, and then the celebration after was amazing! The night came aline!! Turns out every single one of them are great dancers, on top of being super kind and funny and good looking.... Wow. What a pair!

We talk a lot on our blog about the power of video. This video is a great example of it, specifically in regards to Kyle + Rachael's family relationships. Both of them are exceptionally close with their families: Kyle's dad is the one who performs the ceremony, both stood proudly next to their siblings as they said their vows, and both moms helped immensely with the whole wedding process. We love getting to share the couple's story in a video, but with this one you get a real glimpse into how much love these families have for one another. So not only do you get to know the couple in this video, but also the people that have made them who they are, and the bonds between them are so strong they're almost tangible.

This is truly a joining of two families, with lots of tears and laughs along the way. We hope you love watching as much as we loved editing it! Seriously it was tears the whole time. 

Vendors: Conforti Photography, Track Seven DJ, Canal 337