4 Questions We Wish Brides Would Ask!

Hello!! Welcome to the UHP blog! We’re going to try a little something new: a breakdown of some of our lingo. When you get engaged, and start looking into planning and booking vendors for your wedding, you feel like you have to become an expert about everything really quickly!! It can be overwhelming. So in this blog post, we are going to discuss four pretty important questions to ask a wedding filmmaker.

1. What’s included with your end product?

WHY IT'S IMPORTANT: You should know exactly what you’re going to receive when everything is said and done. The end product for your wedding video depends entirely on the editing style and company offerings. Some of the typical packages you will see will include a variation of a 2 minute teaser, a 5 minute highlight, a 12-15 minute feature, an archival edit, a combination of ceremony + toasts, raw footage, etc! It is important to ask your filmmaker what exactly is included at the end of the day. 

OUR ANSWER: We love our highlights (a 3-6 minute recap of your day that can be seen here) and a documentary edit. Our documentary edit is a great way to relive your big day. We include candid footage of getting ready, photography and dancing as well as all of the formal events in full. They are usually 40-75 minutes edited chronologically with music.

2.  What’s your experience with filming weddings? 

WHY IT'S IMPORTANT: Asking people about their experience is always a good thing! It’s reassuring to know if someone has been in the industry for a while. 

OUR ANSWER: Unique Heart Productions was founded in 2012, but Heather has been shooting wedding films since 2011 and all of our other shooters have been in the industry for years! We bring a lot of different backgrounds to the same mission. 

3.  What kind of equipment will you be bringing the day of (specifically audio + lenses + lights!)?

WHY IT'S IMPORTANT: [AUDIO] The primary reason to hire a videographer is so that you can relive your wedding day exactly as your guests did!! Getting to hear and see everything again and again is priceless. [LENSES] If you don’t know anything about camera lenses, here’s a tip: the longer the lense (AKA the higher the number), the farther away the shooter can be, and therefore the less “up in your grill” your shooter will be on your wedding day. [LIGHTS] A lot of venues can get quite dark during the reception. It is so important to have video lights during these times so that you can actually see what is going on! You can also use them to create some fun effects (silhouettes + lens flairs!)

OUR ANSWER: [AUDIO] We use on-body mics during the ceremony and always have several backup recorders, but we promise that you will hardly notice them! We also hook into the audio for the reception and place recorders throughout. [LENSES] UHP has a few 70-200 lenses, which is a fantastic zoom lens so we will be out of your way, but still deliver that "up close and personal" feel with our videos. It also helps us work well with your photographer as we aren't always in their shots :) [LIGHTS] We use several temperature controlled LED lights that are off camera. We can even control how bright they are (so we don't blind you!).


4.  What’s your style? What makes you special?

WHY IT'S IMPORTANT: Make sure you know what sets your videographer apart. What story are they going to tell? What exactly will you be shooting on the wedding day? What’s your voice? 

OUT ANSWER: Unique Heart Productions is all about you. What makes your story different and beautiful? We try to figure that out.  We really focus on the feel of the day; and of the couple. We like to let the day unfold in front of us and capture it as it happens. That's why our motto is wedding videos that reflect the uniqueness of you!

Thanks for reading!! We've got a lot of great videos coming out soon, so stay tuned! 

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